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Niko {OneShot} by UngodlyFrankenstein Niko {OneShot} :iconungodlyfrankenstein:UngodlyFrankenstein 13 0 Maru {Oneshot OC} by UngodlyFrankenstein Maru {Oneshot OC} :iconungodlyfrankenstein:UngodlyFrankenstein 6 0
We Share The Same Cup
I have to find a way… There MUST be a way! I need to kill him somehow! I did dissolve the potion after all! Now all I need to do is KILL HIM! But it won’t be so easy… He has been through a war, and is quite skilled, I am sad to say… so, I will do it by tricking him! I hope she can do me another favor… No, she will do it. I have as much money as I want. And if she doesn’t accept, then I will make her do it.
“Another cruel morning. Not for me at least” he said after which he laughed. “I am going to buy a little journal and start writing my progress on his days alive.” He got up, got dressed, and left his giant castle to go see the witch that was helping him make the potion that made him invulnerable to dying when his host dies. After he arrived, at the plain house and went to the back garden, he entered the door that led to her basement. “Hello darling~ I was wandering if you could maybe help me again? I have a good amount
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I'm not sorry
The last thing I saw… was not pleasant… I wish I hadn’t seen it… For those of you who are wondering, I’m not dead, no. I’m just blind. I’ll tell you everything…
It was a nice, warm, spring day. I was on spring break with my friends, Jake and Oliver. Because it was spring break, we would stay up until we were out of beer –typical things for a 19-year-old to do, I know. We would play video games, play board games and on occasion, we’d tell scary stories around a flashlight in the middle of the hall, leading upstairs, to my room. We were too bored to go camping, and none of us had the money or time needed. So we had to improvise. It was one of those days, where we decided to man up and tell a scary story. None of us were afraid, though. Jake wasn’t afraid to show it, and Oliver would only act scared, for entertainment purposes. I, on the other hand, knew all those stories were… mere coincidences, superstitions, legend
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My creepy pasta OC
•Basic info•
Pasta name: Ollen Ollestor
Name: Ollen Ollestor
Nickname: Ollen
D.O.B (Date of Birth): 01/05/2000 (January 5th 2000)
Age: 16 (as of last year (he died last year))
Species: Zombie (?)
Currently living: America
Mother: Alive
Father: Alive
Brother: -
Sister: Alive
other family members: Alive
•physical features•
Height: 1.78 cm
Weight: 68 kilos
Tattoo(s): None
Scar(s): None
Other noticeable mark(s): Missing eyes
Physical strength(s): Darkness
Physical weakness(es): Everything
•about him/her•
Personality: Nice, fragile and kind
Like: Nice eyes
Dislikes: Stairs
Back story: He was hospitalized at the age of 14 and was still full of energy playing in the hospital with other children. He died by falling from 40 steps, damaging his veins and making his eyes roll off. He was properly given a burial and he escaped his grave, and then stole the eyes of the doctor who took “care” of him.
How he kills: He takes the eyes
:iconungodlyfrankenstein:UngodlyFrankenstein 0 7
Anime screenshot by UngodlyFrankenstein Anime screenshot :iconungodlyfrankenstein:UngodlyFrankenstein 1 0 My new tablet by UngodlyFrankenstein My new tablet :iconungodlyfrankenstein:UngodlyFrankenstein 0 0 Happy Halloween! by UngodlyFrankenstein Happy Halloween! :iconungodlyfrankenstein:UngodlyFrankenstein 1 2
A gift by Who?
It was that day of the summer again. Draco was sitting in his bed reading his favorite book, which was almost to an end. He was smiling the whole day. He didn’t need to study or to dress up. That day was his. June 5th. It was Draco’s birthday. He had the gifts from all the Slytherin students piled up in a corner while he was going to buy more presents the next day. He was waiting till night time to open the gifts.
-=:-|Late at night|=:=-
It was 8 p.m and about time Draco started to open his presents. He opened a lot of presents and was satisfied with what he got. New games, new clothes… but no new books which kind of annoyed him. He was fine with the thought of getting a new book the next day. He started eating some very sweet cupcakes while reviewing his new toys when he heard a tap on the window. He turned his head to the window to see a suspicious white owl. “But I counted all of the students of Slytherin. I couldn’t have possibly missed one.”
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Niko {OneShot}
I...I don't know.
OneShot and Niko belong to Nightmargin and Eliza (?)
Maru {Oneshot OC}
I want to transfer this somewhere else so, I guess I'll leave some info here.
Soo, this is Maru, my OneShot OC, which is an amazing game that you should check out right now.
He's from a tribe that you meet in the Glen and I can't draw pixel art TTVTT
Maru belongs to me
OneShot belongs to Eliza and Nightmargin (?)
I have to find a way… There MUST be a way! I need to kill him somehow! I did dissolve the potion after all! Now all I need to do is KILL HIM! But it won’t be so easy… He has been through a war, and is quite skilled, I am sad to say… so, I will do it by tricking him! I hope she can do me another favor… No, she will do it. I have as much money as I want. And if she doesn’t accept, then I will make her do it.

“Another cruel morning. Not for me at least” he said after which he laughed. “I am going to buy a little journal and start writing my progress on his days alive.” He got up, got dressed, and left his giant castle to go see the witch that was helping him make the potion that made him invulnerable to dying when his host dies. After he arrived, at the plain house and went to the back garden, he entered the door that led to her basement. “Hello darling~ I was wandering if you could maybe help me again? I have a good amount of money with me!” “Oh quit with the flattering messages, you know I’m not good with flattery.” She said. “What do you want?” “You know, after dissolving the potion, I need to kill my host, to take his grounds. And I can’t use weapons or soldiers. He is way too good at battling sadly… So, I have been wondering if you could help me make a potion strong enough to kill him. I want to see him die in front of me. So, I am going to give him the potion myself. I only need you to make it.” He said, his purple eyes shining with an evil type of glory. “Okay, now I just have to know what potion you’re going for.” “The deadliest one.” He said. “Let’s take a look at the book…” She said, unsure of his confidence. “Pfft…”  He said, seeming bored. “Well, most of the poisons include flowers. So, how about… the rose poison? It looks like wine so…” “Tell me three deadly flower poisons.” He said impatiently. “ Okay, okay! Um… let’s see…  Buttercups…Orchid-“ “That’s it! The orchid flower… The flower that is creepily beautiful…” She looked at him like she was watching him with his host boy-fighting. “You are acting very strangely today, aren’t you?” She asked, her light blue eyes making a confused look. “If strangely means happy to you, then you are correct. I can’t wait to see him die in front of me” He said after which he laughed.

His amber eyes got smaller. “Who would think of doing this?! Well, if it means my brother’s heart won’t break then I am okay with it.” He said as he left. He got back to his house. “Brother! Where are you??” His younger brother asked. “What is it Veneziano?” “Have you seen him today?” He asked his older brother, his curl forming a heart shape. “Who?” He said trying to act like he didn’t know who he wanted to see. “Come on! You know who!” “*Sigh* He is at the cafeteria next to the fountain…” “Thank you Lovi!” His younger brother said, and left to go see his “best friend” as he called him, but it was clear to him, that they were more than best friends.

“Gabriel! Are you here?” He shouted hoping to find his friend. He looked at the cafeteria they used to go and saw him drinking a beverage. He ran over to where he was sitting and sat down on the chair opposite him. “Oh, hello there Feliciano, I didn’t see you coming.” He said, his light blue eyes glowing a bit. “Do you want anything to eat? Anything to drink maybe?” “Could I have some tea and a short cake please?” Feliciano asked, unsure of his choice. “Sure! But we will have to wait for the waiter, is that ok?” His blonde hair got a little tangled by the wind. Feliciano spaced out looking at his beautiful beach blue eyes. “Feliciano?” The blonde man asked. “Oh- yes, sorry, that’s okay with me!!!” His cheeks flushed up a light shade of red also forming a heart on his curl. Gabriel laughed a bit and drank another sip of the beverage he was drinking. Feliciano got spaced out once more. This time he started comparing Gabriel to Ludwig, another friend of his. When he first met Ludwig, he thought of Gabriel right away. But he realized that they are completely different. When you look at them just with one glance, they seem the same. Once you get to look at the details, Ludwig has more dull eyes than Gabriel. Gabriel has a bit golden hair, but Feliciano likes to call them “fiery blond”. Feliciano noticed another difference… Ludwig always makes him do hard things and things he doesn’t want to do, while he noticed that Gabriel often gets scared that he doesn’t mess up, and that he is more like a gentleman. He smiled at that thought. “Feliciano?” Feliciano snapped out. “Oh, I’m really sorry!!” He flushed a brighter shade of red, showing that he was clearly blushing. “Are you ok? Your shortcake and tea are here.” The blonde man said calmly. “T-Thank you…” The brunette said. Gabriel smiled. Feliciano took a sip of his beverage. He got carried away and told Gabriel, “I was comparing you to Ludwig. You are prettier and kinder than him-!” covering his mouth, becoming red of embarrassment. Gabriel looked at him in awe, and then he flushed a light shade of pink around his cheeks. “No one has ever told me that before…” Gabriel started suspecting something. Feliciano knew what he was feeling around Gabriel. It was more than friendship. A stronger relationship that Gabriel didn’t know… Gabriel took the last sip of his beverage. “Oh! I-I’m sorry, I’ll hurry up now!” The brunette said, thinking he was around Ludwig. “No, it’s okay! You can take your time!” Gabriel said while, to Feliciano’s surprise, sitting down. After he finished his drink he started eating the shortcake. Then he saw a hand coming and stealing the strawberry that was on top of his cake. “Hey! No stealing my strawberries!” Feliciano said laughing. “Sorry!” The blonde man said laughing while chewing on the strawberry. After Feliciano finished his shortcake, he left with Gabriel to go for a walk. They passed through the park. Feliciano spaced out once more, thinking about him, the park, and Gabriel. As he sighed dreamily, he realized that he was about to step in the road, and that he was about to be run over by a carriage. At that moment, he felt Gabriel pushing him back. He was waiting for him to scream and tell him that he needs to be more careful, but instead, he heard “Gosh, are you ok? I got so scared for a moment, my heart skipped a beat!” He said touching his chest. Feliciano was amazed. “Yeah, I’m okay.” Gabriel sighed in relief.

“WHAT?!” The rouse said, his pink eyes glowing in anger.  “Don’t worry; it’s only going to hurt him emotionally, not physically!” He said. “Claude, HE CAN COMMIT SUICIDE! DON’T YOU CARE ABOUT ME?!” The rouse said “Nah, not really.” He said. The rouse grabbed Claude from his golden orange hair. Claude started saying the word “Ow” fast and loudly, proclaiming pain. “Well, you should care! So, I am coming with you! I don’t want to die.” The rouse said. “Okay okay! Just please let my hair go! Luciano! It hurts!” Claude said. Luciano sighed in disappoint and let go of Claude’s hair. “Well, we are still making preparations! It’s not as easy as it sounds!” Claude said. “I would appreciate if you found a way to distract Feliciano. He and his brother are big herbologists.” Claude said, looking angrily at Luciano. “Okay, okay. I’ll see what I can do.”

Lovino was once again listening to Claude’s conversation. While his brother -Feliciano- was with Gabriel, he took the time to listen to Claude’s plans and determine if he should tell Feliciano what was going to happen to Gabriel. He still thought that he shouldn’t and that it would be better. When thinking that, he remembered the time when Feliciano learned that Gabriel was “dead”.

“But I’m telling you Mon ami, Gabriel is dead!” Francis said. “No, no he can’t be dead! He promised he wouldn’t die!” Feliciano said, his eyes tearing up. “Francis… you told me you wouldn’t tell fratello…” Lovino thought to himself. “Gabriel couldn’t keep that promise… I’m sorry…” After three seconds, Feliciano started crying. He went to his brother’s hug. And then Lovino thought to himself “If you ever come back, Gabriel, I’ll make sure that your life becomes hell”

But seeing his brother happy, he just thought that his brother would better know that he wouldn’t die.

It was nighttime and Feliciano was sitting at the bridge with Gabriel. Feliciano would be sure to memorize that day whatever it took. He loved that day. “Feliciano, did you like today?” Gabriel asked “Yes! Of course! I loved today!” “Well, sorry to break it to you, but tomorrow, I have to attend to some business outside of Italy, so I won’t be around for at least tomorrow” Gabriel said. “It’s okay! I understand!” Feliciano said.  

The next day it was really sunny outside. “Pack some lunch, we’re going hiking” Lovino said. “Veee, but I just woke up!” “Well look outside you stupid head!”Lovino said in an angry tone.  “Fine… but what are we going to eat? I want to prepare a big meal!” Feliciano said. After a while Lovino answered “Pack a Greek salad and pasta. Don’t forget to add some tiramisu for dessert. Also, you can bring apple cider with you.” Feliciano’s face lit up and he got up before Lovino could say anything. After half an hour, they exited the house and started climbing the big mountain.

After they reached the top Lovino wanted to ask Feliciano something. “So… Veneziano.” “Hm? What is it fratello?” Feliciano asked back. “Um…” Lovino said back, his curl forming a ruined shape. “How much do you love Gabriel? And, um, if you wouldn’t mind me asking… Would you care if he died? Or if one day he disappeared?” Lovino asked, afraid that he would hurt his brother’s feelings. “I love Gabriel very much! That’s why I want to meet him every day! And, if one day he… I would cry like I did back then. If he disappeared… I don’t know what I would do…” Feliciano said in despair. Lovino sighed in relief knowing what he would tell Feliciano. But then Feliciano continued “I’d probably go looking for him!” He said determined. Lovino got worried immediately “Why are you asking?” Feliciano asked. “U-Um… I was just curious, that’s all!” Damn… How will I tell him?! I can’t control the whole country by myself! I need to go scout them one more time for possible dates! Lovino thought to himself.

Gabriel didn’t lie to Feliciano about the hard work. Now that he had his place as an emperor back, the errands were many, and the time little. Although being the smart emperor that he was, he was able to finish his jobs in a record of time. The only thing that made him late back to Italy was distance. His work and his empire were located in Berlin while Feliciano lived in Rome. “So? Why did you bring me along? I have my jobs too you know!” Claude said to Gabriel angrily. “Because I want your opinion on something.” “That’s a first.”  Claude said in surprise, but managing to keep that angry tone. “Do you want romance tips on how to hit on that little brat??” Claude asked in a sarcastic tone. Gabriel didn’t answer. He just turned around with a very serious stare making Claude fuss up almost immediately. He looked away mumbling something that Gabriel didn’t understand. When they stopped walking they entered a giant building. Claude thought that they’d be there for hours. He underestimated his host very much. Maybe a bit too much. Because they were in and out of the building so quick, Claude had a hard time keeping up with Gabriel. Not to mention that he had to think of the time he needed for all the preparations. Thanks, asshole… Claude thought to himself.

That night, Lovino wasn’t spying on anyone. He was stealing Olivia’s books. Olivia was the witch that helped Claude make the poison. Not because he liked Gabriel, but because he wanted to learn how to make the cure, if someone decided to do the same to his younger brother. Just as he was finishing the potion, he heard sounds. A womanly voice was making way towards the basement. Just as she opened the door, Lovino just made it behind some barrels. “Urgh… I can never get something done when I’m talking to him!!! Wait… OH. MY. GOD. Someone got in and messed up all my potions!! It must have been him and his brother…” She said when she started to tidy up the mess that had been made. Lovino was looking at the situation like he had never before. He tried to pass up the barrels without making any sound, with the result of hitting his leg on a table. He froze instantly while Olivia stared at the table, missing Lovino by an inch. Lovino continued. He jumped when he saw a cat staring at him with the result of breaking something.  SHIT! He thought to himself as he started running towards the exit. Just as he was about to reach the exit, he froze behind a bookshelf. Olivia missed him once more. Just a little more, c’mon!!! He thought as he was about to open the door. He opened the door and swiftly got out. To the best of luck, Olivia went outside. “Hello?” Olivia said in a curious tone. She closed the door. Lovino had clawed himself on the door so when it closed, he let a very quiet “oof”. He was soaking wet by anxiety, and was thankful that he got out of there alive. He made his way back home and started talking to Feliciano about safety. Feliciano wasn’t bored at all. He was listening like this was the most important mission they could ever entrust him with. From that day on, he kept it hidden with him in case something happened.

“That took up my time… Thanks Gabriel” Claude told himself as he was going to Olivia’s house. He opened the door without knocking. Olivia was startled by his sudden appearance “Claude?! W-Welcome back!!” She said with a nervous smile. He simply said “Potion progress” “It’s actually ready!” She said still nervous. “Wow! That sure filled up the time I lost!!” He said with a smile on his face. Olivia gained her confidence back and gave him the poison bottle. Olivia knew that Claude knew how to use it but as she was instructing him, he left some money on the table and left.

“Feliciano… I need to ask you something…” Gabriel asked the brunette. “What is it?” Feliciano asked back. “Remember that night when you left me and Lovino to talk?” Gabriel asked. “Yeah! I went to speak with a friend of mine for something- but I returned!” Feliciano said, afraid that Gabriel hated that action of his. “Well… Lovino told me that you feel something more than friendship between us… is that true?” Gabriel said keeping a straight face with a little sign of a frown. Feliciano gulped and said very quietly “yes…” After Feliciano’s response he started tearing up, afraid that Gabriel would hate him after that. He was expecting that Gabriel would say something mean and leave him. Instead he hugged him tightly. “I do too Feliciano…” Gabriel responded. Feliciano’s tears ran down his cheeks while he hugged Gabriel as Feliciano’s face was reaching his collarbone. Gabriel started caressing Feliciano’s hair.

A few days later, Gabriel got an invitation to Claude’s castle. It was about a meeting of truce between them. In Feliciano’s house, things weren’t too jolly either. Lovino was looking very worried and refused to talk to Feliciano. Just as Gabriel was talking to him, Claude swiftly put a few drops of the poison in the drink without him noticing the action. “Feliciano, I need to tell you” Lovino said, keeping a worried tone. “Gabriel’s life is in danger right now! He needs you! Go! Find him!” Lovino said in panic. Feliciano understood immediately. He left the house and went running to Claude’s castle. “My throat is sore from all the talking” Gabriel said as he grabbed the glass of poisoned wine. Feliciano was about to reach the castle when he realized the reason he had the poison cure with him. Gabriel took a big gulp of the liquid and started coughing. Claude smirked at the sight of his host suffering. Then he noticed the door opening with a loud bang. Feliciano was standing on the door. He stormed in but right before he could reach Gabriel, Luciano jumped out of the closet holding a gun. “Don’t. Move.” Feliciano stepped back slowly. In very slow movements he took out the flask that he had the cure in. Luciano pulled the trigger, making a very loud gun sound. “AAGH! Damn…” The brunette said, looking at his bleeding hand. Feliciano looked at the person who had protected him. Lovino was standing there, his left arm bleeding. Gabriel got up and went to Lovino. He cut his black sleeve and tied Romano’s wound. “There… better” Gabriel said in a weak voice. Feliciano could barely keep himself from bursting into tears. “You know, you can still die with me being invulnerable to your death.” Gabriel told Claude. Claude had never thought about that. So he started backing away. “I wouldn’t ever try to kill you Claude. You, too, deserve to be alive.” Gabriel said with a smile on his face. Claude stood there in awe “why, you…” He said after which he left with Luciano following. Feliciano broke down crying seeing Gabriel in his condition. He was holding his friend in his arms. “I don’t know if it will work, but please, drink this.” He said in tears, while giving Gabriel the cure. Gabriel took the cure and drank it slowly. Feliciano sat there waiting for Gabriel to get better. After a while, Gabriel managed to get on his feet. Feliciano was beaming. “Thank you Feliciano… If it weren’t for you, I would probably be dead by now. And thank you too, Lovino. Your brother wouldn’t be here if you didn’t protect him.” Lovino smiled a bit. “You’re welcome” He said back at Gabriel. Feliciano started crying and hugged Gabriel tightly. “I thought you were going to die” He said. Gabriel hugged the brunette back. Lovino turned around, knowing what would happen next. Feliciano pulled back a few inches smiling. Gabriel smiled back at him, as he leaned over to give Feliciano a kiss on the lips.

We Share The Same Cup
Nothin belongs to me aside from the fanfic
The last thing I saw… was not pleasant… I wish I hadn’t seen it… For those of you who are wondering, I’m not dead, no. I’m just blind. I’ll tell you everything…

It was a nice, warm, spring day. I was on spring break with my friends, Jake and Oliver. Because it was spring break, we would stay up until we were out of beer –typical things for a 19-year-old to do, I know. We would play video games, play board games and on occasion, we’d tell scary stories around a flashlight in the middle of the hall, leading upstairs, to my room. We were too bored to go camping, and none of us had the money or time needed. So we had to improvise. It was one of those days, where we decided to man up and tell a scary story. None of us were afraid, though. Jake wasn’t afraid to show it, and Oliver would only act scared, for entertainment purposes. I, on the other hand, knew all those stories were… mere coincidences, superstitions, legends. They were out of the ordinary. I knew they could never happen; they weren’t in our reach… Or so I thought. We’d always browse the internet for scary stories, but before any of us could pull our phones out, Jake interrupted.

“I’ve got a good one that I saw on TV!” Good, I thought. No need to recharge my phone, so fewer electricity bills. Yeah, I was a smartass back in college. Then he started.

“Did you hear about the dead body found near Kim’s house??” I sighed. “Jennifer deserved it. She was a bitch.” “Whoa, what’d she do to you now?!” Oliver exclaimed. I admit I was a loner, and I really had no friends aside from Oliver, Jake and Kim. I wasn’t really popular. Heck, only 1/8 of the school knew just my first name. “Please don’t ask me, and Jake, just get on with the story.”

“Ok, so when they found the corpse, the eyes were gone! They have a prime suspect named ‘Ollen Ollestor’-” “Wait, hang on a minute.”I cut him off. “Ollen Ollestor?! What kind of name is that?!”  “I know, right?” Jake said, laughing a bit. "So, anyway. Ollen Ollestor, he is suspected, not only for the murder of Jennifer but for most of the murders happening around town. Why? Because, surprise, surprise!! All -well most of- the bodies found had missing eyes. Now here's why Ollen is suspected for the murders."

Jake sat upright with his legs crossed.

"Legend has it that Ollen was a super athletic kid when he was young. But he stopped due to a very rare disease called MND. Specifically, the PLS type. The PLS type weakens the muscles in your legs. Because it is more common in older people and Ollen got it when he was 14, he was transferred to the hospital, where he was cared for. That, however, didn't stop him from running around like the happy child he was. Never depressed and never sad! He was always making new friends, no matter if they were shy or douchey, he'd accept them into his hug! Now. One day, two years later, it happened. His legs completely gave out, and he fell. He fell down forty steps. He died on the bottom, his eyes popping out of socket. He was buried the next day. There’s one thing that I left out though. He was buried eyeless. No one knows what happened to his eyes. Some people theorize that they were sold to people who would sell them to the black market. Others think they were stolen. And others think they were plainly thrown away. I personally think they were sold –but that’s beside the point. Two days later the doctor who was supposedly taking care of him was found dead on his desk. Now this wouldn’t lead to any clear suspects if not for the fact that the eyes… were gone. They immediately knew who the culprit was. They ran to dig up the grave in which they had buried Ollen. Can you guess what happened, in classical horror story plot?” Jake said jokingly. “He was missing from his grave, wasn’t he?” I replied. “Ding ding ding! Correct. But it was visible that there was struggle. The coffin had scratch marks from the inside. What’s creepy is how quietly Ollen managed to get in, despite being blind and despite it being a four hour walk from the graveyard to the hospital. Someone had to have seen him! I mean there it was, a lone boy walking on the street –probably similarly to a zombie!” James complained “People are stupid…” I said. Oliver glared at me “…sometimes.” I continued. Then Oliver turned to James. “Honestly, that was a pretty stupid story. I don’t think it’ll be hard to fall asleep, that was one of the worst stories I’ve ever heard.” “Hey, I tried my best! And it’s a mystery if you really think about it! And we all know for a fact that he is very well alive- well, not alive, but he’s out there! And who knows who his next victim might be. If I were to guess, it would be Jim.” I turned to Jake, shocked. “I’m not gonna die by this “Ollen Ollestor” that you speak of because he isn’t real! And even if he is a murderer and steals eyes, I’m a guy! He’d never trail me! So, excuse me while you shut your mouth and don’t insult me like that again!” “No, I didn’t mean that! He, Ollen Ollestor, only goes after pretty eyes! And your eyes are beautiful man. Blue’s his favorite color!” Jake countered back. “…I’m going to bed.” I climbed up the stairs, and Jake and Oliver followed. “Oh, come on! Just stay so we can have something to eat!” “Just order some pizza or whatever.” I said. I opened the door to my room and fell face flat on the bed. I sank in my thoughts… Ollen Ollestor defies physics… how could the police believe such a lie? He can’t be real… there are no people with no eyes. I wish all these stories would be gone already… More realistic ones would be scary… I slept like a rock that night. The next day I invited the guys over, we apologized to each other –pretty childish, I know- we played a bit, and then I drank half a bottle of beer –not enough to make me drunken though- and they left to go to sleep.

I went back to my room, but I couldn’t sleep. So I just stared at the ceiling. No sound, aside from the crickets outside and the owls. No light, aside from the light outside. I got up to get a glass of water… When something grabbed my attention. My Legend of Zelda poster had changed. You see, I am a pretty big video game fan, so I had tons of consoles and games, but only one poster. It was my favorite poster. It had Link on it –The main character from The Legend of Zelda-. But, his eyes… had changed. The color of the iris was now black, and it looked realistic… but the freakiest part… was that the eyes… were… looking around my room… The beer must’ve taken effect, I thought. When suddenly all the other posters’ eyes became alive. I knew this wasn’t the beer anymore. I knew I was going crazy. But… it felt more… unreal… exhausting… even drug-like, when I looked down to see something that would drive anyone to the point of madness… The floor had also changed. The floor had become big, red, gross eyes that were shaking beneath my feet. Two of them launched up and tied their optical nerve around my legs… But I didn’t feel anything. I fell down… My vision started to fade. It felt like I was going to die. When I heard it. A man cackling. I snapped out of it, and regained my vision to see someone, around 15 to 16 years old standing over and looking down to me. He was wearing some kind of hospital wear – a white t-shirt and white shorts. But the two most distinguishing features were his skin, which was covered in dirt and… his face, which was… eyeless. I suddenly remembered everything. The story, the argument… but... what was his name? It was… a weird name… but before I could finish my thoughts, he reached his hand out to me and I felt the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. When I tried to scream though, I only heard myself sobbing, choking, and gasping. Nothing would come out. I couldn’t see anymore. I lost consciousness. Everything is blank after that. Just darkness. But I remember waking up with the sound of loud beeping next to me, and two male voices shouting my name. A female one also, telling them to quiet down. After I woke up… I couldn’t see. I asked where I was, and why I couldn’t see, and the lady told me I was at the hospital because I had been attacked, and my eyes had been ripped out from my skull, seemingly. I told the two men, who to my surprise were Jake and Oliver, and the nurse what happened last night. From the beer, to the pain, to everything. Then, I was asked to describe the man. When I did, there was silence… until Jake’s voice echoed in the room “I TOLD YOU! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!” he started shouting. “He seemed familiar… but I forgot his name…” “Sir, the person who attacked you was Ollen Ollestor. We already have him on the top wanted criminal list, so if you could just be patient we could terminate him.” I sighed with relief. “What are you calm about?! You were attacked!” Oliver screamed at me. “At least I’m alive!” I countered back. “True…” He said. After that, my life went to normal. Well as normal as a blind man’s life could be. The worst part, I am super afraid of the dark now and it feels like I’m constantly struggling in a never ending nightmare. I at least have my friends to guide me…

…Yet they don’t know what it’s like to have a zombie behind you, always whispering

“I’m not sorry”
I'm not sorry
This is going to be my last submission. Thank you everybody for watching me and liking my posts. This might as well be my last one before I leave. 
I had a dream. It was this story. This is the first time I create a story based on my dream. And this dream has another part to it. You are free to ask me questions in the comments. Please, send me my mistakes. Again, thank you everybody.
Here is the boring part.
"I'm not sorry" belongs to me
Ollen Ollestor belongs to me
Jeremy, Jake and Oliver belong to me
Idea belongs to me
Here is my journal entry explaining why I'm leaving
I may come back, though. Wink/Razz 
Okay, this is going to be hard for me to explain this...

So, I got a new tablet, which I love. Problem is, my tablet likes to glitch out, and it's a pain in the ass to fix it. So, I kinda stopped drawing digitally. I, of course, returned to finish my request... which got deleted. Big surprise, I have a lot of luck when it comes to requests. The request was already hard to draw since the person asked me to draw many characters, who most of weren't human. I'm not good at drawing something else rather than people, so I not only had my request deleted but also given up. So, I'm really sorry, but requests are closed, and every request made is going to be on hold. And I may not even continue your request. I'm really sorry again if you are disappointed, but I had been thinking when I would finish your request every night, and I would have small panic attacks before I went to bed. I won't finish drawing your request, and I won't restart drawing your request. Now, I've completely given up on drawing digitally and it'd be a waste to try and upload old sketches of the Legend of Zelda, Haikyuu and stuff like that, so I'm not even going to attempt it. I'll upload one story that I made about an old post I made for "Ollen Ollestor". I may be uploading some stuff here and there, but mostly, I'll have this account for liking and watching people. Please, don't call me irresponsible, I'm really not. I'm just too young to be able to handle stuff like this, heck, I'm still not very in teenagehood! This was just an experiment to me to see if drawing would help me in a career point of view if I ever failed the job I want to do when I grow up. I may continue sketching on paper and drawing with pens, but I'm not going to upload it.

In synopsis: I'm not going to be active on my dA account, aside from liking, commenting, replying and watching people. I'll upload one last thing. Requests are closed and requests won't be continued. I don't draw digitally anymore. It's stressing me out.
(Stickythefireband ,  I want you to see this the most, and I hope you understand.


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